TLA into partnership with Lexidy!

We are pleased to announce that TLA teams up with Lexidy, a multinational Legal Tech Boutique. Being represented in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and France, Lexidy will strengthen TLA as the one-stop-shop for Norwegians having real estate or business abroad.

Already providing right price advice, TLA can easily identify with Lexidy’s philosophy. As Lexidy’s CEO Federico Richardson puts it:

Something is broken with the law. Lawyers appear to be ruthless and focused on monopolizing information and their bottom line. But we know there’s a better way to be lawyers. We believe that people and businesses can be served better. With passion. A conscience. With knowledge. Using technology. At Lexidy LegalTech Boutique, we’ve created an ecosystem where we’ve combined technology, dedication, principles and information to create our soul. We are making a bet that people and companies want change too. We are wired differently with a mission to simplify our client’s lives.”

Lexidy: No SUITS – just SMARTS.